Keya Seth's Aromatherapy Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF-25 Review

Ladies!! I'm proudly presenting you, my current favourite loose powder!. I've been using this powder for almost 5 months and now I'm deeply in love with this powder. I even recommend this to my friend. Read More if you want to know about this product.


145 INR for 50 grams

 Available shade:

Translucent and I am not sure if it is available everywhere. You can get it in every counter of West Bengal tough.


Refer to the picture below:

 What does the company’s website says:

This sun screen powder protects skin from sun burn, sun allergy, dust allergy and excessive sweat from oil glands. Its use tightens up the open pores of skin and gives the skin instant youthfulness and brightness.

 Method of use:

Can be used anytime during day or night. But it gives excellent result if applied on the exposed part of one’s body 5 minutes before going out in sun. It provides protection to all types of skin.


It is comes with a huge white plastic jar and if you open all the lid cover, you will find out a white pull out cover in which I guess I was suppose to punch hole but I didn’t because then it will be quite messy. For me, I only open half of the cover and take the powder directly from the tub. It is really help to reduce the "flying powder". The powder doesn’t come with any applicator. I prefer use my powder brush to apply it. The lid doesn't screw on, so this loose powder isn't travel friendly (and not to forget the jar is huge). I put some amount on small jar if I want to take this powder with me. It is more secure and not really big for my makeup pouch.

 My take on this product:

I LOVE this powder. I've been searching for a nice and inexpensive powder for about 2 years now. I've tried Maybelline and Covergirl products, but they just didn't do it for me. They both made my face look too cakey. After a couple of hours, I had to reapply the powder again which made my face even cakier! So I decided to buy this and try and it. I just love it! It's a translucent powder, so it doesn't really have a "color" to it. It just blends right in. . . . I even don’t have to reapply it the entire day. It makes my make up stay and is very natural on my skin, plus it is a sunscreen powder with SPF25 and so it is an added benefit.  The aroma is on a little bit stronger side but I love the smell. It smells like pure sandalwood. I highly recommend it, especially because it’s super inexpensive price and the amount you get is great.

  What I love:

  • It does a great job for setting makeup and controlling oil.
  • It makes my skin looks very smooth, healthy, and makes my skin looks matte.
  • Blends well and the pigmentation is on medium level.
  • Lightweight and fit for daily use.
  • Cheap price with big amount.

 What I hate:

  • The packaging isn't travel friendly.
  • Strong aroma is not for everyone.
  • Hard to get this product in every cosmetics counter.

I hope that this was a helpful review. Do tell me about your favourite face powder. And don’t forget to enter in MakeUpVeda’s give away HERE.
Antara XOXO

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  • Comment Link Sumi 01 May 2013 posted by Sumi

    Hi Antra First of all good job! for the website and must say ur review is very compact and helpful :D

  • Comment Link Harman 06 September 2012 posted by Harman

    Hi Antara! I wish these powders were available in Punjab too. But you know the sunscreen part is effective only if this is the first thing that goes on your face, even without the moisturizer. If you put it on top of some other product then the sunscreen is not of use. I learned this from dermatologist :)

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