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Hey Guys!!
Today I went to office in a hurry… so I went with bare minimum makeup today. And as you know when you need to shift people’s eyes from your face you need to accessorize well. Hence, that was my mantra today.
Lilacs are in bloom outside, so why not bring their color to your eyes? Not only does purple make green and brown eyes glow, but when paired with simple makeup, it's a trendy option for blue-eyed beauties, too. Plus lilacs are totally wearable on day time too.
Hii Guys,
I can’t express my happiness …… can’t tell you that I am feeling overjoyed doing this post today. You guys will be reading from my site after a long time. A lot had happened in past few days. My health straightly went down one day (believe me it was pathetic). Next, I got a job related to my field of expertise (Makeup and Picture Editing….cool huh?), so got really busy. Trust me, when you take a new job, your whole life change… I mean to say new routine and juggling this with two hands really makes you tired at the end of the day…Plus my new meds made me real sleepy for first two-three weeks…. And my mom dad took my doggie with them (sad) but then……I got a rabbit for me… named him “Giaan” it means brilliant…. When I first brought him home he was limping because his one leg was injured. But, the good thing is we gave him some meds and now he is running everywhere in a bolting speed. Enough stories told already….God send someone to make me stop. I am stopping my tales now…. Let’s save some for tomorrow.
We all get in beauty, hair, and clothing ruts.  It's a fact of life. We are human. We get comfortable with things that are working for us (or so we think) and so we continue to repeat those things over, and over, and over again.  Until they begin to look and feel tired.
Hi friends!
I decided that with Diwali coming up, it was necessary to put together yet another makeup tutorial!  This one is very festive inspired, with golden tones and burgundy, but can also be used throughout the year... Summer sunrise anyone?! Grab your shimmery eyeshadows and shine like that little bombshell you are this festive season!! (without making it OTT)
Of course you don't have to use the same products as me, but will tell you with the steps itself what I used for reference...
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